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WHOAH! What the heck is an Explosive Traffic Swirl?

Traffic Swirl  is my favorite Traffic Exchange 

Explosive Traffic  is my favorite TE Tool.

Now, read on to find out how you can use these 2 to literally explode traffic to your site right across the net and get 1000 free credits!

1) Join Explosive Traffic. I recommend the yearly upgrade but free works too. Add the link you want seen all over the internet in the coop under the drop down menu at the top left: Advertise > Website Campaigns.

It Looks Like This:

2) Join Traffic Swirl and use promo code SignUpBonus

How to use your promo code: In your Traffic Swirl back office at the top hover your mouse over Account, in the drop down menu, click on Promo Code.

There will be a place to insert the promo code, use the code: SignUpBonus which will give you 1000 free credits.
*note code may change (you`ll see new code when you join) and amount of credits can be anywhere from 100 to 1000 credits. Owner John likes to change it often, I have given up trying to keep up with him lol.

3) Use your Explosive Traffic Traffic Agent URL as the website promoted in Traffic Swirl.

In your Explosive Trafic back office, at the top, hover your mouse over account, you will get a drop down menu, click on Traffic Agent Account.

This will lead to a new page and your Traffic Agent COOP link will be on that page, it will look like the one below, but of course yours will have your username at the end.

This is will be the link you want to promote in Traffic Swirl.



Be sure to surf to activate your Traffic Swirl account to make sure you get the sign up bonus of up to 1000 credits.

In your back office click on surf.

Surfing is easy there is a bar at the top of the page, a timer counts down to zero and then you click on the matching symbol.

It looks like this:

Surf at least 50 pages to activate your account! Surf as long and as often as you can to keep earning advertising credit.


Your Traffic Agent URL will be in Traffic Swirl and everytime it gets shown, you will collect advertising credit at Explosive Traffic that you use to have the site you have in Explosive Traffic to be shown on Traffic Exchanges all over the net. You can also use your Traffic Agent URL in safelists and viral list builders or any of your favorite Traffic Exchanges!

Side note: I recommend going pro at both sites however if you are on a tight budget you can go pro at Traffic Swirl using tokens, you can earn tokens by doing token tasks and viewing token ads.

Tokens are a very cool feature, you can use them to buy upgrades, adverting and more.

I have had my site seen on more than 1340 TE's using Explosive Traffic. The way cool thing is Traffic Swirl has so many games. Easy and quick, you can earn credits FAST! You can trade prize money or tokens for a turbo timer or a credits boost and other cool stuff.

I highly recommend Traffic Swirl and Explosive Traffic They really are a Great combo!.

To our success,
Greg Neale
Greg Neale

Update: I've thrown ViralTECoop into my traffic mix, it's much like Explosive Traffic with a couple of cool features added. You have the option of earning cash or credits from showing your coop link, and you can earn lots of credits and cash from reading solo ads in the members area. It's easy to earn 100+ credits in just a few minutes...ViralTECoop


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