You may think you have seen this website before, but it was completely rewritten at the end of 2016 (using the same template), because it was working so well in this much simplified form.

This is still a COMPLETE plan (with nothing left out) to use your computer (or mobile device) to lay a solid foundation for residual income . . .

Find Out How For FREE

Step 1 - Free Money to Work With

The basic idea is to identify a problem a large group has and show them how they can solve it with no investment but a little time. I based this plan on an inexpensive $10 subscription for all the tools we need, but I show you how to Cover That Cost! by spending as little as 20 minutes a day reading ads.

Sure most of you could afford the $10 out of pocket, but that would not be as good a story to tell others who can't. Start small and add on, like a kid building a toy castle by placing one interlocking block on another.

All you do, is follow our example to get this plan in front of those who need it bad enough to read a little.

Owning your own tools and seeing them actually work, means from now on you can promote anything you like (with no extra cost) so your ultimate progress is unlimited.

See The Tools You Get!

The Tools

(You can get these all over the Internet, but not with our plan included.)

Premium Web Hosting

Complete cPanel account with one click installs of popular applications like WordPress, that we can help you with.


If done right, email is still the best way to build a residual income from relationships and Other email services cost more than our entire plan!

Hands On Updates

You get current updates from Hands On Leaders who are actually using the plan.

We Care

This niche is ever changing, so you need help from others who walk the walk every day, not just talk about stale old methods.


(There is a lot more, but this should be more than enough to justify $10 a month!)

Why We Are Different

Start Using A WINNERS Plan!

When you see what we use, you will probably recognize the website instantly and maybe you have even tried it, without much success. BUT PLEASE STICK WITH ME!

The reason you see so many people promoting this, is because it really is an amazing system if you fix ONE LITTLE PROBLEM. Stop working for someone who just happened to show you a page at the right time and support those who will continue to pay you, because you help them earn more!! I don't pass referrals up to my sponsor and I don't want my referrals finding them for me, because I use my experience to get more for both of us and teach them how to do the same thing. I was inspired to put this website together, because this backward plan has been working for me and I needed a way to pass it on, so my referrals can make more money too. That should help them increase the number of referrals they bring in, simply by showing this page and talking about it. That not only insures their referrals will keep trying, but the more experienced we all get, the faster we get even more referrals and train them to play the same game. Once everyone is making money, they DON'T EVER QUIT!

It's time for a decision on what you will do next, so Keep Scrolling Down for my two best suggestions. Whatever you decide, I will still be happy to help you any way I can.

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If you are not quite ready to take the next step, at least fill out this short form so I can let you in on any updates. This can only get better as our team continues to grow.

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Team Leader - Warren Contreras